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Tattoo aftercare Instructions
1. Wash hands with antibacterial soap then remove dressing from tattoo after one hour.
2. Wash tattooed area with warm water gently, and pat dry with a clean paper towel.
3. Apply a very thin layer of cream such as Pro Tat or Bepanthen to keep the tattoo moist.
4. Do not rebandage the tattoo and do not allow tattoo to dry out.
5. Continue steps 2&3 two to three times daily for the next two weeks.
Yes you can (and should) shower daily!
Avoid skin contact with people and pets.
No scratching or picking tattoo! only patting lightly if itchy.
No swimming, ie pool, ocean, bath tub for at least two weeks
No direct sunlight or tanning salon for at least two weeks.
Avoid contact sports
This Tattoo Balm is 100% natural and contains:

Virgin Olive Oil
Virgin Wheat germ Oil
Certified Organic Calendula Oil infused in Certified organic Sunflower Oil
Certified Organic Lavender EO
Rosemary Leaf Extract (NZ)
Natural Vitamin E, mixed with Tocopherols

Use this aftercare balm to assist fast healing of tattoos, cuts, burns, insect bites, and abrasions, or to reduce eczema and sunburn recovery. Soothing, calming & healing. Made locally in New Zealand. Always wash hands before use.
A little goes a long way!
Super Numb is a topical anesthetic cream that is suitable for tattooing, body piercing, body and bikini waxing, laser treatment and cosmetic waxing. It relieves the pain and discomfort from the said procedures.
* Free consultations
* Custom designs or bring your own
* Full color and grey shade * Retail shopping also available
* Completely sterile and safe * Tattoo design work available
We work with you to make your tattoo personal
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